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Show Only Users in the Same Group

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Restrict Users List

Sometimes you want users to be able to see only certain users in the Manage Users lists. There is no setting in MODX for this; if a user can manage users he can manage all of them. Here's a plugin to limit that list to only users of the same group.

m_dimitris asked...

Is it possible when a user with manager access enters the manager to be able to see ONLY the users that belong to the same usergroup in user page?

The Solution:

Bruno17 says...

At least, you can restrict the listing in the grid to users in the primarygroup only of the current user with a plugin.

  if ($modx->context->get('key') == "mgr") {
    switch ($modx->event->name) {
      case 'OnMODXInit':
        $action = $modx->getOption('action', $_REQUEST, '');
        if ($action == 'security/user/getList') {
          $group = $modx->user->getPrimaryGroup();
          $_POST['usergroup'] = $group->get('id');

What's the Story?

This plugin, with its System Events set to OnMODXInit, will only show the Manager user a list of the users in the same group as his primary group.

You can exclude Sudo users from this restriction by adding a single line:

  if ($modx->context->get('key') == "mgr") {
    if ($modx->user->get('sudo')) { return; }

This will simply stop the plugin from continuing if the user is a Sudo user.