Development Environment

Working with the MODX-Gitify-Vagrant package

Gitify on a Vagrant Box

MODX-Gitify-Vagrant is a package that includes a Vagrant-managed VirtualBox that provides a virtual Linux working environment for development. Several commonly used development tools are installed, such as composer and the latest release of MODX.

What is VirtualBox?

What is Vagrant?

What is gitify?

What is modx-gitify-vagrant?

Step one:

Install VirtualBox

Download VirtualBox

Step two:

Install Vagrant

Download Vagrant

Step three:

Create a folder in a location of your choice (I created a folder named "Vagrant" in my home directory)

Download the modx-gitify-vagrant zip file from its github repository.

Put the zip file into Vagrant folder and unzip it.

Rename the unzipped folder (I renamed it "gitify")

Step four:

Open a Terminal (I use the iTerm app)
CD into your Vagrant directory

Type the "vagrant global-status" command to see what's up.

CD to the inner "gitify/vagrant" folder and type "vagrant up" to load our box.
It will now download and install a Linux virtual box, and start it. This may take some time.

Type "vagrant box update" to make sure everything is up-to-date.

Make sure your box is up-to-date

Step five:

Log into the new box by typing "vagrant ssh".

SSH into your vagrant box

CD into the /vagrant directory

Run the script to install MODX by typing "./".

It will install Composer and a number of Composer utilites.

It will install a MySQL database ready for MODX to use. The default database access information is in the ~Vagrant/gitify/vagrant/puppen/manifests/main.pp file. You can change this if you prefer.
It will ask you some MODX setup questions.
The database information are the Vagrant defaults (unless you changed those in the ~Vagrant/gitify/vagrant/puppet/manifests/main.pp file):
Database Host: localhost (just hit Enter to accept defaults.
Database Name: dbname
Database User: dbusername
Database Password: dbpassword (the terminal will not show what you enter for a password)
Database Prefix: modx_ (just hit Enter)
Hostname: (just hit Enter)
Base URL (just hit Enter)
Manager Language (just hit Enter)
Manager User: (just hit Enter)
Manager User Password: (just hit Enter to let it generate a password - make sure to save the password somewhere safe!)
Manager Email: type in your email address


Go to and see your Virtual Machine MODX in live action.

To start your virtual machine, go to ~/Vagrant/gitify/vagrant and type "vagrant up". To close the virtual machine, type "vagrant halt".

There are a few Vagrant managers available, one is Vagrant Manager.

Vagrant Manager

From this point, your MODX-gitify-Vagrant setup is ready to use. See the gitify documentation on how to use it to sync to a remote MODX installation.

Susan Ottwell
April 2017