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Can't Download Extras Using the Installer

hearty fare

Download Extras Failure

Downloading extras using the Installer just hangs with a never ending "downloading" dialog.

meaganlynn asked...

After uploading and installing a fresh copy of 2.3 I downloaded today, my next step is to download all the extras being used by my current site, except when I click download for any extra in the installer all I get is a never ending "downloading" dialog.

The Solution:

You shall not pass!

rainbowtiger says...

It turns out the way MODX 2.3 is handling download of packages is triggering some mod_security rules. My host disabled these rules for my site, and I can now download and upgrade packages. The rule numbers are:

  • 340113
  • 340147
  • 350147
  • 340148

What's the Story?

mod_security is a server module that scans incoming page requests for POST values and other incoming request parts that could be used to try to hack the site or the server, or are common to spammers and other ill-intentioned persons. It uses sets of rules for what to block. These rules can vary from host to host, and even from server to server. They can be arbitrarily configured by the host with rules to block POST or URL query string values that contain words the host doesn't like, one example was "casino" and "gambling".

There are pre-set lists available that hosts can just plugin in and use. AMDbuilder says that the mod_security rule numbers do vary based on the lists being used, so you should test and remove the appropriate rules based on your servers ruleset. And rainbowtiger adds that you have to contact your web host and ask them to check the server logs and see what mod_security rules are being triggered, and then to disable those rules for your site. Others, like rx2, just get their host to whitelist their site and disable mod_security for it altogether.