Control Access to Manager Main Menu Items

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Menu Item Access

You can control access to all of the Manager main menu items by specifying the permission that the user must have in his ACL Policy. From a conversation on Slack.

jonleverrier asked...

Now, the System menu is available to Content Editors which I want to hide from them. In Menus, if I right click on System - there is a permission key I can set - does anybody know what this looks like? or what it relates to?

The Solution:

sottwell says...

That is just to specify a permission the user must have to be able to see that menu item. To hide it from non-Admin users, just pick a permission that your users don’t have but the Admin user does have.

You can also create your own permissions, like “view_system” and add it to the Admin policy template if you want to, but it’s a lot easier to just choose an existing permission.

What's the Story?

Access to the top Manager menu items is controlled by a Permission field. A user must have that permission to be able to see that menu item.

If you enter a permission that you know your Admin users will have, but more restricted users such as users in an Editors group does not have, then your Editors users will not be able to see the menu item.

If you protect a top-level menu item, such as the System menu, then that item and its submenu items will not be visible to the Editors users.