How to Build From GitHub

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Building From GitHub

NOTE: This method of building from github applies for MODX 2.x.x versions only. As of MODX 3, a different build system requires the use of Composer.

While the "Nightlies" tab in the Revolution download page offers a fairly recent installable development build, some might prefer to go directly to GitHub to try out the latest development version.

eladnova asked...

I'm installing Revo 2.3 both locally and on my hosting account and getting the following error on the Installation Summary screen:

"The install failed because MODX could not unpack the /home/sites/modx23/public_html/core/packages/ package. Make sure that the /home/sites/modx23/public_html/core/packages/ file exists and is writable, and that you have made the /home/sites/ directory writable."

I know it's not oficially released so I am visiting this page and hitting the download ZIP button.

I notice that doesn't seem to be included in the downloaded ZIP so possibly I am doing something wrong?

The Solution:

sottwell says...

You have to build that package before you can install it.

Go into the _build directory and remove the .sample part from the four files. Then in your browser run the _build/transport.core.php file. You should see a screenfull of stuff scrolling up. Once that is finished you can use /setup to install as usual.

What's the Story?

MODX installs itself with a package file, /core/packages/, just like any other installable extra. The .zip file downloaded from GitHub doesn't have that core package built, so you need to run the build scripts in the /_build/ directory to create it. The build configuration files are fine just as they are for building the core, so all you need to do is remove the .sample part from their names.

To build Revo 3.x, you need to use Composer to install dependencies. See for installing Composer, then before editing the build config files, run "composer install" in the installation directory.

Download the PDF step-by-step tutorial Build MODX3 from Github on the MODX Cloud - 5.0Mb