Part One - Installation

Using Memcached With MODX


This section will contain several recipes for setting up memcached for use, and configuring MODX to use it.

Have a piece of cake.

The inspiration for this effort is based on Jason's MODX blog post. He begins with this rather ominous statement:

To use MODX with memcached, there are a few additional pre-requisites for your environment. First, you must have memcached installed locally or on an accessible network box with an appropriate amount of RAM available for it to use. Second, you must have the memcache (or memcached) extension for PHP installed and configured properly.

Since these are major evolutions all on their own, there are two recipes to give examples of how this can be done.

In my experience, getting MODX to happily switch from file-based caching to memcached was a piece of cake. I'll even throw in how to install a nice memcached monitoring system, much like phpMyAdmin. to liven things up.

Susan Ottwell
December 2015