Part One - Installation

The MODX Files


As a PHP web application, MODX has a lot of files - nearly 4,000 files in a fresh installation of Revolution 2.3 at the time of this writing. The Manager uses a lot of Javascript files, as well as CSS and image files. Installing MODX requires getting all of these files into the right place, and the files and directories MODX will need to write to must have the correct permissions.

Lots and lots of friut

Every page generated by MODX begins with the index.php file, and the Manager pages begin with the /manager/index.php file. Everything else is done by including the other .php files as they are needed.

Revolution is designed in such a way that the core directory and all of its files and subdirectories do not need to be in the web root. There are three config files to let MODX know where its core is located.

The /assets/ and /manager/ directories do need to be in the web root, since they all contain files such as images and .js files that a browser needs to be able to access. However, their names can be changed. The file has the definitions for these directories.

Instructions for moving and renaming these directories can be found in the official MODX documentation. Further information on hardening and securing your installation can be found here.

Susan Ottwell
December 2015