Development Environment

Setting Up Gitify on a MODX Cloud installation

Gitify on the Cloud

This recipe is courtesy of GitHub comments by sonicpunk and ajilderda.

First, log in to your server with SSH using your Cloud installation's SSH username and server.


Once you're logged in to the server, enter the following commands:

cd www
git clone Gitify
cd Gitify
curl -sS | php
php composer.phar install
chmod +x Gitify

You may need to change the path to the PHP executable. If it turns out that you do...

nano Gitify

In the nano editor, change the first line from "#!/usr/bin/env php" to


Then open and edit your .profile to add Gitify to your user path.

  nano ~/.profile

add a line,


Reload your profile by entering

source ~/.profile
cd ..

Run Gitify

Susan Ottwell
November 2018